Insurance Appraisal Less Than Repairs Needed after Storm Damage


Summer in Minnesota is finally here and along with hot and humid days come Minnesota storms.  We represent clients in various capacities when having to deal with insurance companies, policy claims, adjustments, settlements, appraisal hearings, and litigation.


Recently, we successfully settled an insurance claim for a client who sustained damage to several buildings, barns and two homes on their farm after a June 2013 hail storm.  Our clients called for help after the insurance company denied the majority of their claim.  Huge discrepancies existed between what repairs the insurer and the insured thought were needed.  In preparing for the appraisal hearing, we hired our own experts to assess the property.  In the end, we were able to reach a successful resolution for our clients when the insurance company paid 10 times more than the original adjustment and we were able to recover our clients’ out of pocket expenses in addition to their insurance coverage.


Appraisal hearings are proceedings with your insurance company to resolve an insurance dispute relating to the value of a loss.  While informal in nature, these proceedings have major implications on insurance claim recoveries. Dealing with an insurance company can be overwhelming and frustrating, especially after suffering a loss of or damage to your home. 


If you find your home or other property damaged after a Minnesota storm, or if you find yourself stuck with an insurance adjustment that doesn’t cover your damages, give Maschka, Riedy & Ries a call to help take the burden off your shoulders and get the recovery your policies allow.