Nicollet County Jury Returns Verdict in Favor of MRR Client

After a two day jury trial in Nicollet County, a jury of seven Nicollet County residents returned a verdict in favor of our client in a hotly contested intersection automobile crash. The verdict results in  $75,000 recovery for our client where only $1500 had been offered to settle the case before trial.


Maschka, Riedy and Ries attorneys Jed Chronic and Baylea Kannmacher represented a client who had been injured in a crash at the intersection of Highways 99 and 111 in Nicollet, Minnesota during a snowstorm. Our client pulled away from a stop sign at 111 into the intersection after stopping and checking for oncoming traffic and not seeing Defendant approaching the intersection in a white minivan. The Defendant traveling east on 99 had the directional right of way, but admitted he was traveling 35 in the 30 m.p.h. zone. According to Minn. Stat. § 169.20 he therefore forfeited his right of way at the intersection by traveling at an unlawful rate of speed. Whether or not Defendant had his headlights on was a hotly contested issue in the trial.


An eyewitness had come forward at the scene and testified he saw the Defendant's van approaching the intersection prior to our client pulling away from the stop sign. Both parties presented evidence from expert accident reconstructionists. In the end, the jury determined that Defendant was 60% at fault for causing this crash and our client was 40% at fault. The parties had previously stipulated to the damages amount.