Truck Crash Kills 1 South of Mapleton

Multiple news outlets are reporting on a crash that occurred on March 29, 2017. Alan Remington, 65, of Wells, was killed when his Buick LeSabre collided
with a commercial truck driven by Danny Salazar of North Mankato. Minnesota State Patrol Lt. Casey Meagher said, "A commercial vehicle that was traveling on Highway 30 failed to yield at the stop sign and crashed into a passenger car that was traveling on Highway 22." The State Patrol is investigating the crash.


Alan Remington, of Wells, was southbound on Highway 22 when a delivery truck failed to yield the right of way at the intersection with Highway 30 and caused a collision between the two vehicles. Mr. Remington was killed in the crash with the truck driven by Danny Salazar of North Mankato.


Minnesota drivers have a responsibility to drive carefully. Unfortunately, many drivers do not drive with the care required of such a potentially dangerous activity. Operating a commercial truck requires a heightened level of awareness due to the inability of such vehicles to slow and stop quickly and due to the disparity in their size in relation to other vehicles on the roadway. Commercial drivers like Mr. Salazar and his company must follow specialized rules designed to protect the motoring public.


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